Positive Action

Not only do we aim to attract and keep people with the best skills and highest potential, we want to attract people into our service who may not have considered a career with us before. We want our staff to be representative of all our different communities across the UK.

To help us achieve this we have a dedicated Diversity, Equality and Inclusion staff who provide support and guidance throughout the job application process to candidates from underrepresented groups. This ensures there's fairness across the board so that opportunities are available to all.

We listen to our staff and respect them as individuals each with their own voice, experiences, skills and ideas.  We embrace these as we know that teams with a range of perspectives solve problems better and we want our colleagues to feel included, because everyone needs to be their true self at work and we need that authenticity so you can harness your unique talent.

Jobs in employee support are like no other – they are founded in the trust we place in each other and the pride we take in supporting employee wellbeing. Our Staff Charter and how it is implemented really works and makes us a better, more effective organisation. It’s built on us all working together and it goes without saying that we can achieve more if we work together in a culture of inclusivity and respect.

What is Positive Action?

Positive action simply means steps an employer can take which seeks to level the playing field for under-represented groups by providing advice, guidance and support where required, whilst still maintaining the high standards for recruitment and promotion and stipulating that selection is based purely on the required skills and abilities of the candidate for the role.

The Equality Act 2010 protects people from being treated less favourably because they have a protected characteristic. Government guidance on the Act can be found here.

Why do we need it?

Achieving a representative service is vital for reasons of legitimacy and public confidence. Positive action seeks to achieve this aim by redressing the balance of disadvantage of under represented groups. The Employee Resilience Company Ltd recognises that a diverse workforce brings with it many advantages such as:

Positives Action Myths

There are often many misconceptions around Positive Action and it can sometimes be viewed negatively by those who do not fully understand its purpose. It is essential to understand that every candidate who is successful during a recruitment process has always achieved this on their own merit and not by receiving positive action support.  For clarity purposes Positive Action does not